Free Keywords Research Tool

Free Keywords Research Tool


If you want to find laser targeted keywords and keyword phrases for a marketing campaign, simply type the topic or theme of your search in the field below. It’s free.

Valuable Metrics: What This Free Keywords Research Tool Tells You.

The results of your search will include monthly searches, keyword quality index (KQI), quoted search results (QSR) and SEO power. All of these terms are explained below.

(1) Monthly Searches – This is how many times that keyword or keyword phrase is searched each month. ANY traffic is a good amount of traffic if you are striving for natural ranking in the search engines. In fact, targeting keywords and keyword phrases with small amounts of traffic is a successful ranking strategy. Keep in mind that it takes consistent effort and patience to achieve meaningful natural ranking in the search engines.

(2) KQI (Keyword Quality Index) – This is an immediate measure of the quality of the keyword or keyword phrase and permits you to quickly and efficiently perform your research.

(3) QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This is the SUPREME measure of keyword competition metric.  This is the precise number of competing webpages that are ranked for that precise keyword or phrase. The lower this number the easier it will be to compete and rank for that keyword. Less than 400 is possible, but less than 300 is ideal. There truly are millions of keywords out there that you can rank for and finding them with Jaaxy is a breeze.

(4) SEO Power – This tells you if the keyword or phrase would get SEO rank. Another way to look at it is: It tells you if there is money in that keyword, because if you can get rank for a keyword, you can earn money with it. It’s that simple.

Now you don’t have to guess if you can make money with a keyword. Jaaxy will tell you for sure. This makes your keyword research highly efficient so you can work faster, succeed sooner and fly higher.

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