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  1. Mari Hill says:

    Hi Gary,
    I have been busy doing research to find out the facts about copywriting. In other words correct format, how to locate clients also pricing. It’s been a vicious circle trying to locate this information without being drawn into a scam. I have written two novels, along with paranormal short stories for a voice/over actor’s weekly video program, and contributed numerous articles to several internet magazine.. All without pay basically for the experience. I am retired and need the additional funds, with 24/7 to write I need a client. Any direction to educate me on the necessary skills would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi, Mari!

      Congrats on getting two novels written. If you can write a novel, you can definitely write copy.

      Did you read “How to Earn a Darn Good Living as a Writer?”. It discusses several ways to earn money as a writer and what I’m having the most success with. If you haven’t read that article, start there.

      Yes, there are a ton of writing scams out there. Avoid AWAI. Their training is very expensive and their marketing highly manipulative. You don’t need anything they have.

      You may also want to read these three books: “The Everything Guide to Writing Copy” by Steve Slaunwhite. This book will show you how to format copy for specific markets. Also, read Steve Slaunwhite’s book “Start & Run a Copywriting Business.” It’s a little dated, but will show you how to find clients and how to price each project. Finally, read “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert B. Cialdini. Writing persuasive copy is more than writing well. Psychology is a big part of it and “Influence” will show you how to use psychology to enhance the persuasiveness of everything you write.

      These books are about $15 each on Amazon. Start with the “Everything Guide” if you can only get one book. After reading these books, you’ll have a realistic idea of what it takes to succeed as a copywriter and what you can expect to earn. After you’ve read these books, you may have more questions and I’m happy to help you.

      After writing copy for nearly 30 years, I’m changing my focus from writing for clients to writing for my own websites. The earning potential is far greater and the headaches are far fewer. Building a profitable website takes about as long as building a profitable copywriting business. The article How to Earn a Darn Good Living as a Writer discusses this approach to making money as a writer too.

      I hope this helps. I’m here for you,

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