The Easiest Way To Make Money as a Writer.

The Easiest Way To Make Money as a Writer.

If you love writing, you have the power to turn words into cash.

Stick with me. I’ll show you how your love of writing can generate near passive income without stress.

You don’t need expensive training and you don’t need to prospect for clients or negotiate fees. This truly is the easiest writing career imaginable.

I started freelancing when I left the Army in September of 1986. Over the years, I’ve written everything from obituaries to ad copy, sales pages, and corporate video scripts.

In 2010, I saw the unlimited income potential of the internet. I knew there had to be a way to combine my love of writing with the internet to generate a passive income.

Freelance writing had been good to me, but I was tired of dealing with clients and the madness of deadlines.

Every client was a boss and at times it got very stressful. Not to mention the income can be inconsistent.

If I stopped writing, the money stopped coming in.

If you have ever tried to find an honest way to make money online, you know how dangerous it can be. Like circling sharks, scams are everywhere.

In the process of trying to find what worked, several scams took a bite out of my bank account.

Finally, after I had done everything wrong at least twice and had the scars to prove it, I discovered I could create a blog and get paid for putting ads on it.

The visitor to my blog doesn’t have to click on an ad, they just have to SEE IT!

I don’t have to sell anything and I don’t have to chase clients or negotiate fees either.

All I do is write articles. I write an article once and get paid for it month after month for years.

The advertisers set everything up and deposit money into my PayPal account each month, like clock work!

I can take time off whenever I want and the money keeps coming in.

Anyone who enjoys writing can do this.

In addition to knowing how to write, you’ll need a basic understanding of digital marketing and a little patience.

The best and most affordable place to learn digital marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the largest community of internet marketers in the world.

I’ve been a member since 2015. It’s where I learned and where I now teach others how to turn their love of writing into a stable income.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE at and get a lot of free goodies, plus my personal, one-on-one coaching.

There isn’t a more helpful and supportive group of people on the planet.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate at, you’ll discover several methods for making money with a blog and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

It’s the quickest, easiest, and least stressful way to earn big as a writer.

The many benefits of a blog include:

  • Consistent income
  • No bosses
  • No employees
  • No stress
  • Work from home (or anywhere with internet access)
  • Mostly passive income
  • Time off whenever you want
  • Low cost and high returns
  • Unlimited earning potential
Inside Wealthy Affiliate

When you join Wealthy Affiliate at, you get all the following at no cost (No credit card required):

  • 1-on-1 Coaching with me, Gary C. Horton. (I’ll do everything in my power to ensure you’re making money sooner rather than later.)
  • A free website with FREE backup and push-button builder. (Creating a site has never been easier.)
  • Beginner Training Course (Discover what works)
  • Personal Affiliate Blog (Your voice in the community)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (Another income stream)
  • Video Walk-Throughs (The fastest and easiest way to learn)
  • Keyword Research Tool (Know your article will make money before you write it.)
  • Training Classrooms (Everything you need to know to succeed)
  • Affiliate Program (Yet, another income stream)
  • Earn While You Learn (Get started immediately)

What others are saying…

One Article Can Make Money for Years.

As a blogger, when you publish an article on your website, it can generate an income for years.

If you knew every article you wrote could earn money, how many would you write? A hundred? A thousand? More?

Write as many as you want. When you do it right, there’s no limit to your income potential.

My friends and I at Wealthy Affiliate will show you everything you need to know:

In short, Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Teaches what works.
  2. Has all the training, support, and tools you need.
  3. Has the highest rate of success.

Try it for free. Join now at

See if Wealthy Affiliate feels like home. Then, when you’re ready, upgrade to a paid membership for about the cost of a large pizza.

We writers are an interesting bunch. We are the caretakers of the world’s imagination, and even the poorest among us has the power to transcend time and space.

Writing is a superpower.

Isn’t it time you used your superpower for good?

Imagine how good it feels when the bills are taken care of, there’s money in the bank, and you can always earn more.

We are living in the Writers Golden Age. Now is your time.

Why struggle another day? You’re a writer. Build on your strengths. I’ll help you every step of the way.

Join Wealthy Affiliate now. Go to

I’m here for you.

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