How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Can you really make money online? Yes, absolutely, millions do every day. In fact, once you see the full potential of the internet, it staggers the mind to think of the money that can be made blogging from home. Join our community of webmasters, marketers and bloggers-for FREE! There isn’t a push button way to make money online and there isn't a get-rich-quick way to make money online … [Read more...]

How to Write a Persuasive Email

Apparently, writing a well-crafted and persuasive email befuddles a lot of writers because they confuse loads of BS with persuasion. Big mistake. Piling on hyperbole only turns a reader off. Keep in mind if you're writing emails to promote a product it's far easier to write an email promoting a product with genuine value. The internet is evolving away from hyperbole and spammy promises. Old … [Read more...]

Free Keywords Research Tool

  If you want to find laser targeted keywords and keyword phrases for a marketing campaign, simply type the topic or theme of your search in the field below. It's free. Valuable Metrics: What This Free Keywords Research Tool Tells You. The results of your search will include monthly searches, keyword quality index (KQI), quoted search results (QSR) and SEO power. All of these terms … [Read more...]

How to Write Email Subject Lines that Work

The subject line of an email is essentially a headline. It gets scanned in a micro-second as the reader decides what in her inbox is worth a closer look. Considering the ever growing deluge of emails we all receive, hastily scanning our inbox is the only way to maintain a thread of sanity. Naturally, anything that whiffs of hyperbole or a bot is instantly sent to spam folder hell. How to Earn … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course

Do you need an instantaneous injection of copywriting wisdom? Don't feel like thinking about your copy project, but know your should? Here's just the thing. This terrific infographic dramatically presents the best copywriting lessons from the TV series Mad Men. It was created by Joanna Weibe at CopyHackers to justify her rather addictive relationship to Mad Men. Thanks Joanna! How to Earn a Darn … [Read more...]

Easy Writing Tips

A search for easy writing tips typically leads to half-wit lists of do's and don'ts. Forget that. The trick to writing is to understand that your brain has two very different functions when it writes. One function is the creator. The other function is the critic. It's the right brain, left brain dilemma. The right brain springs from the subconscious. It's revolutionary. The left brain lives in a … [Read more...]