How to Outline a Novel: The Moral Premise

When planning or outlining a novel, it is essential that you determine the Moral Premise of your story early in the process. It's how to focus a novel. A story must have focus. Otherwise, it will just meander all over the place and confuse the reader. You don’t want that. A confused reader isn’t a reader for very long. How to earn a darn good living as a writer...Click Here   How to … [Read more...]

How to Structure a Novel

The first rule for writing a successful novel is to entertain. Otherwise, your reader isn't going to keep reading. The foundation of an entertaining novel is structure. Plus, it must be emotionally engaging. To achieve this, a story is built, one scene at a time, on a three act skeletal frame. A successful novel also proves an enduring psychological truth. Enroll in my FREE How to Write a Novel … [Read more...]

Tips for Writing a Novel

While pursuing a career as a novelist, I did everything wrong, more than once. In hopes of saving inspiring novelists the frustration of screwing up like I did, I humbly offer a few tips for writing a novel I learned in the creative writing school of hard knocks. It's my hope that your journey to success as a novelist is short and swift. Enroll in the free How to Write a Novel email … [Read more...]

The Parts of a Novel

The first rule of a successful novel is to entertain. A successful novel is also morally true and emotionally engaging. A successful novel always emotionally engages the reader and passes onto the reader some true moral meaning. Enroll in FREE novel writing course. If a novel is not entertaining, no one will read past the initial few pages. If it's not morally true and emotionally … [Read more...]

How to Begin Writing a Novel.

Begin where you are, with what you have. Just start writing your thoughts about your novel in a notebook. That's how you begin. Writing a novel is like putting a puzzle together, but first you must dream into existence all the pieces. Then, you must find where each piece belongs. It's important to have an organized system for collecting all these pieces of your novel and to be able to … [Read more...]

Easy Writing Tips

A search for easy writing tips typically leads to half-wit lists of do's and don'ts. Forget that. The trick to writing is to understand that your brain has two very different functions when it writes. One function is the creator. The other function is the critic. It's the right brain, left brain dilemma. The right brain springs from the subconscious. It's revolutionary. The left brain lives in a … [Read more...]