How to Earn a Darn Good Living as a Writer.

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If you can write a letter to a friend, you can earn a darn good living as a writer. Really, you can, because writing is a superpower.

There’s a lot you can do with your superpower, but for now, I’ll show you how to make money with it. Actually, I’ll show you the easiest, most straight forward and ethical way to make money as a writer.

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First, let me explain why I said, if you can write a letter to a friend, you can earn a darn good living as a writer. You see, the most effective writing is writing that is honest and sincere, like a letter to friend. If you can do that, you can earn a darn good living.

First a word of warning…

Before I show you how, I feel obligated to first warn you about ways your superpower can be exploited by others.

For example, take the online content mills. You know what I mean, the places where webmasters go to get articles to feed the internet’s insatiable appetite for content. Sure, you can make money there and, if you’re really good at living on a budget, maybe, eventually, earn enough to live on.

The problem with these sites is you must bid against other writers. Some of those other writers live in Thailand or the Philippines or some other place where $20 a day is big money. But, if you live in Europe, Canada or the States, twenty bucks ain’t much.

With content mills, there’s a constant and relentless downward pressure on what you can earn. Writing for the content mills might be okay for a temporary influx of cash, but you’re better than that.

The truth about being a copywriter…

Reality CheckMaybe you thought about being a copywriter. There are several high-dollar courses online that will teach you that, but then you’d have to go through the training and find clients. That could take months or years. I know, I’ve taken those high-dollar courses, chased after clients and written ad copy. It’s not easy money, not by a long shot.

Besides, do you know what those high-dollar copywriting courses are going to teach you? The first thing you’ll learn is that the first rule of copywriting is “Be gentle, be kind.” You’ve already got that because you know how to write a letter to a friend.

Then they’ll teach you that it’s a lot easier when you’re writing copy for a quality product you like. No kidding. And they’ll teach you that you need to find the people who want that product. It’s not rocket science.

But here’s what happens after you’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, on those high-dollar copywriting courses and get into the copywriting business. The people who want to be your clients do not have quality products you like. In fact, they’re selling junk on the internet and they want you to use your superpower to persuade people to give them money for their junk.

Sure, you could do that. Just write a sales letter as if you were writing a letter to a friend and pretend that their junk is a gift from Heaven that will cure their pain, give them a sexy body, get them a hot lover and make them rich by Friday.

That’s a good way to get an ulcer. Plus, the karma payback could be horrendous.

Not to mention that when you write ad copy, you only get paid once for what you write. Yep, just once. You’ll also have to deal with the stress of deadlines, negotiating contracts and hassling clients until they pay up.

Remember, every client is your boss and you’ll need several clients to earn a decent living. That’s like having several bosses. Everyone wants a piece of you and it only takes one bad client to make your life a living nightmare.

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There’s an easier way…

There’s a better way, an easier way and a far more lucrative way to use your superpower.

But before I get into that, here’s another little tidbit I learned from copywriting. The most valuable asset on the internet is trust.

In fact, people tend to buy from people who they know, like and trust. There’s that word again, trust.

The second most valuable asset on the internet is original content. You’re a writer. You’re a goldmine of original content! Why sell yourself for peanuts when you have the power to create wealth with words?

Back to writing a letter to a friend.

It all comes full circle, doesn’t it? We’re back to writing a letter to a friend, aren’t we? Friendship is built on trust. In fact, every relationship is built on trust. If you don’t have trust, you don’t have a relationship.

In other words, it takes integrity. That’s the secret to how you’re going to earn a darn good living as a writer.

Lamp, typewriter, and John Levanen

Let’s recap:

  1. You have a superpower. You can write.
  2. You’re a decent human being* who has integrity and values trust.
  3. The internet has an insatiable appetite for content.
  4. There are billions of people online searching for stuff to buy.
  5. People buy from people they know, like and trust.

*If in doubt, see the Decent Human Being Quiz at the bottom of this page.

Just a suggestion…

Why not use your superpower to write content for your own website so millions of people can get to know you, like you, trust you and buy your stuff?

You don’t need your own stuff to sell either, you can be an affiliate and sell other people’s stuff.

It’s a big online world out there and getting bigger by the minute. People are spending billions online every day. You only need a very small part of that to do very, very well.

In other words, why not build an authority website, fill it with friendly, high-quality, useful content that attracts people who are interested in the things you like to write about and then sell them quality products that will enrich their life?

It’s so much easier to make money this way.

Where to begin…

By now, you might be wondering where you can learn to do all that. I’ll tell you.

I’m a member of a community of people who have online businesses. It’s sort of an open education project.

This community includes thousands of members. Some members are total newbies who don’t know a bit from a byte and some members are super affiliates and millionaires who made their online fortunes with authority websites, just like the one I’m telling you about.

You can do the same thing, just accept my invitation and join us. We call our community Wealthy Affiliate. The name fits.

And here’s the kicker…if you join our online community you’ll get step-by-step training and amazing support from people who made, and continue to make, their fortunes with authority websites.

You have a tremendous advantage…

#76 - Mannequin ArtistRemember, with your superpower, you have a tremendous advantage. All you need is the training and support to focus your writing superpower for the greatest return with the least amount of effort.

You’ll get that when you join us.

Here’s the second kicker…it’s free to join. Yep, free. You don’t even need a credit card. Just sign up, create an account and you’re in.

Still here? Okay, so maybe you’re asking yourself if this is really free. It is. You can join for free and stay at the free level for ever and ever, if you want. But, there’s a premium level too. You can learn more about that here.

For now, join for free and look around. Kick the tires. Drive it hard. Peek in all the corners and get your questions answered. You’ll see I was telling you the truth.

Remember that trust thing? I take it seriously. I hope you do too.

While I’m baring my soul here, I want to point out that building an authority website is not get rich quick. True, you can build a website in minutes, you’ll see how when you join, but establishing a presence in Google and the other search engines takes time, at least a few months.

If  you really want financial independence, this is a way to do it, but it will take sustained effort and time. So, when you join, please be patient, follow the training and consistently write quality content to add to your site. Other members in the community will happily add content to your site too by writing comments. You’ll see.

Instant friends in high places…

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free. Be sure to complete your account and add a picture to your profile along with a few sentences about yourself. This will prove you’re not a robot and members will come out of the woodwork to welcome you aboard.

GarysFacebookPictIIIt’s like getting instant friends. Some of your new friends are very successful and they’re just an email away. They’re ready to help you. All you have to do is ask.

Did I mention I’ll be there to help you too? I’ll contact you soon after you join and I’ll be available to help you every step of the way.

In fact, the entire community is there to help you succeed. And getting your questions answered quickly is easy. You’ll see what I mean once you’re inside Wealthy Affiliate.

All the best…

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*Decent Human Being Quiz:

If you instinctively know the right answer to the following question, you’re probably a decent human being. If you’re not sure Go here for the answer.

What is the Golden Rule?

  1. He who has the gold makes the rules.
  2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.



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