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The most challenging part of writing copy may be where to begin.

Without a clear understanding of where to start and a vision of what the project should look like when you finish, it’s easy to become mentally paralyzed.

Or worse, you charge into the project, blindly hammering out text in a storm of misdirected creativity until you’re exhausted.

Typically, such writing madness consumes valuable time and energy only to produce mediocre copy.

It also leaves the writer feeling spent and reluctant to begin the next project.

No Fairy Dust Needed.

If you think copywriting is a creative process dependent on some magical fairy dust inside you you’ll never have the confidence to write powerful copy.

Copywriting is mostly a mechanical process that follows well-established formulas. It’s more like paint-by-numbers than art.

Yes, there’s a creative component to writing copy, but it’s bound by established formulas and structure.

The Magic of A/B Testing.

What the copywriting gurus don’t tell you, is the real copywriting magic happens during A/B testing.

A/B testing is the process of measuring the results of two versions of similar copy. For example, version A and version B are identical, except version B has a different headline.

In this example, A is the control.

When both versions are promoted at the same time, one will typically outperform the other.

Say, B outperforms A. Version A is then trashed, and B becomes the new A (control), and a new B, with yet another headline, is tested against it.

A/B testing can continue for the life of the campaign, so the copy is continuously evolving and improving.

That’s where the real magic happens.

When a copywriting guru claims he wrote a $10 million ad campaign, it’s doubtful the first version was that successful.

The campaign’s success was the result of formula-driven ad copy and A/B testing, not magical fairy dust.

In other words, it isn’t necessary to spend thousands on a copywriting course. And, for goodness sake, don’t worship some self-proclaimed guru.

Gurus don’t have any more magical fairy dust than you.

All You Need to Master Copywriting.

All you need to master copywriting is a book that will tell you everything you need to know. And, then do the work.

I recommend Bob Bly’s, The Copywriter’s Handbook, 4th Edition. It costs about $20. Be sure to get the Fourth Edition. It’s the most up to date as of this writing.

Mr. Bly’s guide will show you how to begin any copywriting project and the necessary formulas you need to follow.

When you purchase through this link: The Copywriter’s Handbook, 4th Edition, you’ll be taken to Amazon, and I’ll make a small commission.

I thank you and my high maintenance cat thanks you too.